Key Driver: Identify and strengthen faculty champions who will lead effective advocacy training

Engaging in mentoring for ongoing professional development can enhance key knowledge and skills for successful faculty leadership.

What do I bring to t​​his leadership role?

Define your Mission, Vision and Values. Write them down so they can be a touchstone for you going forward to keep you focused and on target. Your Mission should describe why you exist- what are you hoping to achieve with this work? Your Vision is the outcome – what change in the community do you envision achieving? Your Values are the core principles that guide you and your team's work.

What do I wish I ​​brought to this leadership role?

Mindfully reflect on your work. Identify what you are doing well, and what you can focus on strengthening. Ask trusted colleagues and partners for their ideas. Talk with peers to find out what resources they have used to learn and enhance skills.

Engaging with colleagues or peer cohorts can help develop leadership skills and strengthen training programs. Look to programs in your institution, with the AAP, the Academic Pediatric Association or other professional organizations for leadership training. Do some reading on leadership and reflect on your strengths and areas of need.

Who are my colleagues in this work?

Peers can be the best coaches. Partner with leaders in education in your department to develop curricula and programs that are learner-centered, outcomes-oriented, and aligned with assessment methods for your program.

Reach out to people doing similar work at other institutions to learn from their successes and failures, and to share your own.

Who advises ​​or men​tors me?

Identify mentors. Working with someone who has "been there, done that" can provide valuable guidance. You may need coaching in content expertise for the problem you will be addressing, in leadership skills, in program evaluation, in nuts and bolts areas like budgeting, or just to keep you sane or on track.

These mentors may be in your institution or community, but also may be far away. Set up times to touch base with your coaches and mentors. Connections through the AAP can be invaluable in this area!

How do I effec​​tively re-energize myself?

Revisit your Mission, Vision and Values to not only remind you of why you are doing this work, but also to make sure it still aligns with your goals.

Reflect on your successes and your challenges, both for your program/curriculum and you personally. Communicate with peers and coaches who know you well.

Focus on what inspires you. Take time to do things that make you happy - exercising, spending time with family and friends, reading for pleasure - this will help keep you grounded.

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