While the Academy advocates for many child health priorities, the topics listed below are especially relevant to this year's election. We encourage you to learn about how health equity plays a part in these issues and ask where your candidates stand:

What if a child health issue I care about is not listed above?

That’s wonderful! There are many other topics that impact children's health and can be shaped by public policy, like protecting children from tobacco products and supporting child nutrition. This toolkit contains a narrow list of key priorities to focus on for this campaign, but if you are passionate about a specific child health issue that is not on this list, think about how you can anchor your own advocacy efforts to that topic – and feel free to use AAP's customizable tools to amplify those messages!

Can you ask a question about the topic during a town hall? Learn where candidates stand on the issue? Write an op-ed to your local newspaper about the topic and how it impacts children in your state? Share social media messages about the issue?