Digital technology plays an outsized role in the lives of today’s children and adolescents. It is critical that we create a digital ecosystem that is most supportive of their health and well-being.

Our Advocacy Priorities

The AAP is advocating for policies to protect young people online by: 

  • Requiring digital platforms to prioritize the well-being of children and adolescents
  • Updating and strengthening online privacy protections 
  • Banning targeted advertising to young people
  • Curbing manipulative design practices that exploit developmental vulnerabilities
  • Preventing the spread of harmful content through algorithmic recommendations
  • Providing families new tools and safeguards to exercise greater control over their digital experience
  • Investing in research to understand the impact of digital platforms on youth 

Addressing Social Media and Youth Mental Health

The AAP Center of Excellence on Social Media and Youth Mental Health is dedicated to promoting healthy social media use and pediatric mental wellbeing. 

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