The Committee on Substance Use and Prevention (COSUP) envisions a world in which children and adolescents are free from the harms caused by substance use problems and disorders. The mission of COSUP is to produce guidance for pediatricians, state and federal government, and other stakeholders to reduce harm from substance use.


Patient care

Committee Members

Deepa Reshmi Camenga MD MHS FAAP


Hamden, CT

Rita Agarwal MD FAAP

Committee Member

Palo Alto, CA

Heather Pratt-Chavez MD FAAP

Committee Member

Albuquerque, NM

Kimberly Lynn Spence MD FAAP

Committee Member

Saint Louis, MO

Jasmin Narvaez Zavala MD FAAP

Committee Member

Seattle, WA

Rebecca Ba'Gah MD FAAP

Liaison, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Orange, CA

Jake Lehman MD

Liaison, Section on Pediatric Trainees

Los Angeles, CA

CAPT Andrew James Terranella MD FAAP

Liaison, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Tucson, AZ

James D. Baumberger

Staff, Federal Advocacy

Washington, DC

Renee Jarrett MPH

Primary Staff

Itasca, IL

Matthew Mariani

Staff, Federal Advocacy

Washington, DC

Katie Matlin MPP

Staff, State Advocacy

Itasca, IL

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