The American Academy of Pediatrics offers a number of resources to support pediatricians in addressing substance use.

Substance Use and Prevention Overview

Substance use affects all age groups across the lifespan. Children may live with a caregiver with a substance use disorder. Adolescence and young adulthood are vunerable developmental periods for the onset of both substance use disorder and other mental health disorders. Pediatricians are uniquely positioned to intervene early or provide age-appropriate substance use services to families.

New DEA Requirement

Access FAQs about the MATE Act and a list of educational opportunities.

AAP Recommendations

The AAP provides guidance for pediatricians, state and federal government and other stakeholders to reduce harm from substance use.

Policy statement: Mental Health Competencies for Pediatric Practice

Clinical report: Substance Use Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment

View additional policies related to substance use here.


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