The following is a collection of environmental health and climate change related articles that have appeared in AAP News:

EPA: Climate change has wide-ranging impacts on children’s health (April 2023)

Pediatricians ‘a source of stability’ in communities dealing with environmental disasters (March 2023)

Policy urges pediatricians to ask families about water supply source, advise those with wells on testing (January 2023)

Report outlines health effects of PFAS chemicals in children, provides recommendations for testing (September 2022)

Protecting the environment protects child health (July 2022)

CDC calls on pediatricians to address challenges in lead poisoning prevention (May 2022)

Pediatricians’ voices grow louder on climate’s impact on child health, equity (April 2022)

FDA proposes lower lead levels for juice (April 2022)

Concern for climate drives advocates’ activities (February 2022)

Revised blood lead reference value: progress, but more work to be done (October 2021)

AAP policy: Ambient air pollution a preventable risk factor in pediatric health concerns (May 2021)

Choosing Wisely list focuses on pediatric environmental health (May 2021)

New dietary guidelines address infants, support healthy dietary patterns (February 2021)

Expert offers guidance on helping families navigate chemicals of concern (September 2020)

Washington Report: AAP sues EPA, U.S. Supreme Court updates (August 2020)

Chemical-biological terrorism: AAP details pediatricians’ role in supporting children (January 2020)

AAP continues to recommend fluoride following new study on maternal intake and child IQ (August 2019)

Listen up: Excessive noise is a public health issue (June 2019)

Seafood and children’s health: Report summarizes research (May 2019)

Updated AAP manual addresses pediatric environmental health issues (May 2019)

Pediatric considerations in radiological emergencies: new recommendations (November 2018)

New USPSTF recommendation highlights pediatricians’ role in skin cancer prevention (September 2018)

Climate change affecting incidence of infectious diseases (September 2018)

Some food additives raise safety concerns for child health; AAP offers guidance (July 2018)

Medical societies: Climate change harmful to health (March 2017)

Addressing indoor environmental issues may be key to controlling asthma (October 2016)

Boost efforts to reduce lead poisoning before children are exposed: AAP policy (June 2016)

AAP responds to study showing link between cell phone radiation, tumors in rats (May 2016)

Curb overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture: AAP report (November 2015)

Address causes of climate change to help alleviate effects on children: AAP (October 2015)

Exposure to cyanotoxins poses risk for infants and children (October 2015)

AAP group offers advice to reduce infants’ exposure to arsenic in rice (November 2014)

AAP takes on climate change from a child health perspective (July 2014)

Environmental health advocacy on council’s agenda for half a century (April 2014)

AAP policy: Pesticides pose serious health risks to children (December 2012)

AAP continues push for environmental regulations that protect children (January 2012)

More study needed on risk of brain tumors from cell phone use (October 2011)

Ultraviolet radiation reports shine light on how pediatricians can help patients avoid skin cancer (March 2011)

Problem with plastics: Clinicians should become familiar with sources of phthalate exposure, health effects so they can counsel parents (August 2009)



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