AAP Chapter Breastfeeding Coordinators (CBCs) are pediatricians appointed by their AAP Chapter President who work with their state Chapter and in their community on breastfeeding support and promotion. CBCs work hard to make sure that the members of their AAP Chapter are up to date on the latest breastfeeding education and advocacy activities.

If you are interested in becoming a CBC, see the job description below. States can have more than one CBC. You need to be a member of the national AAP, the Section on Breastfeeding, and your state chapter, reach out to your AAP Chapter President and AAP Chapter Executive Director to confirm your appointment, and then contact us.

Roster of Current Chapter Breastfeeding Coordinators

Please note this list of Chapter Breastfeeding Coordinators is not listed in order of states. Please note the coordinators are listed in alphabetical order by their last name not by state. Please use control F to search for your state coordinator(s).

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Position Summary

A Chapter Breastfeeding Coordinator (CBC) is an ambassador of the Section on Breastfeeding (SOBr), providing leadership in promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding in their state chapters and communities. A CBC will work to implement the SOBr strategic plan and fulfill the SOBr mission and vision statements within their chapters and communities.

The CBC is supported by the CBC Steering Committee. The CBC Steering Committee Chief reports to the SOBr Executive Committee.

Duties and Responsibilities

CBCs assist in the dissemination of policies and activities of the Executive Committee to the pediatric community at large. In addition, CBCs prepare and submit an annual report to the CBC Steering Committee that includes  a summary of projects and activities.


  • Member of the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Member of the AAP Section on Breastfeeding
  • Appointed by the AAP Chapter President

Job Content

The SOBr has strategic goals involving advocacy, education, and policy. The CBC will help work to achieve those goals.


Conduct activities that promote, protect, and support breastfeeding.

  • CBCs will collaborate with their state Coalitions and their Chapters to promote Breastfeeding.

Work to improve reimbursement for breastfeeding care.

  • Share successful outā€patient breastfeeding care business models
  • Work within their Chapter to disseminate the Breastfeeding and Lactation Coding Document
  • Collect feedback about reimbursement issues in their areas


Help the SOBr to provide regular educational opportunities for AAP membership.

  • Work with their Chapter to include at least 1 hour of breastfeeding CME per year at their Chapter’s educational offerings (annual and other meetings, teleconferences, etc).
  • Participate in biannual virtual meetings provided by the SOBr
  • Apply for grants to arrange for speakers on the topic of breastfeeding.

Build a strong and vibrant SOBr Membership.

  • Share the SOBr membership brochure to disseminate at the Chapter level (post on Web sites, share at meetings, etc).

Influence and support residency and medical school breastfeeding education.

  • Work toward implementing the Breastfeeding Residency Curriculum into their geographic area residency programs.


Improve the environment for breastfeeding in hospitals.

  • Disseminate the Sample Breastfeeding Hospital Policy

Additional Suggested Activities for the CBC

The CBC can choose to do any activities that support breastfeeding within their state. Below are suggestions for additional things to do.

  • Write articles about breastfeeding for the local Chapter Newsletters and the Section on Breastfeeding Newsletter.
  • Ask your Chapter about the possibility of participating in AAP chapter executive committee meetings to report on breastfeeding activities.
  • Work with state legislators and coalitions to support breastfeeding legislation.
  • Assist hospitals and professional organizations, including the AAP to develop and expand Continuing Medical Education programs on breastfeeding.
  • Be a speaker on the topic of breastfeeding or lactation support wherever possible.
  • Help to identify individuals and organizations that can collaborate on the promotion of breastfeeding at the community level. Form or join coalitions as appropriate.
  • Connect with other Section on Breastfeeding members in your Chapter.
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