Begin your leadership journey with the AAP Section on Early Career Physicians! Contribute your skills and expertise to one of the many leadership positions available to our members. 

Are you already a member? Check out our Members-Only Collaboration Site to learn more about our Section.

SOECP Executive Committee Positions

Commitment & Responsibilities:

    • Represent your district with regard to early career physician issues

    • Participate in Executive Committee conversation by email (frequent) and conference calls (1 per month, 30-60 minutes) to discuss Section initiatives and make decisions on Section programs

    • Serve as co-chair on Section's workgroups, as needed

    • Collaborate with AAP Chapters, Sections, Councils, Committees, and staff

    • For DRs: attendance at the following meetings each year (with travel expenses covered by the AAP)*:

      • Annual Leadership Forum (ALF) (Itasca, Illinois; March)

      • SOECP Executive Committee Winter Meeting (March, in conjunction with ALF)

      • District Meeting (Itasca, Illinois; dates vary, June-August)

      • SOECP Executive Committee Meeting at the AAP National Conference & Exhibition (Location varies; date varies, September-November)

*ADRs will be invited to attend meetings if their DR is unable to attend

Get Involved: Calls for applications will be made 1-2 times per year for open positions. If you are interested in serving on the SOECP Executive Committee, please refer to the AAP Volunteer Network for details on open positions and to apply.​

​​SOECP Workgroup Positions

About: The SOECP Executive Committee recently updated its goals and objectives for the Section, and workgroups have been created in order to focus on the key deliverables.

Commitment & Responsibilities: These workgroups meet 1 time per month by phone for 30-60 minutes. Additional work may be required between meetings, but it may be completed remotely on your own schedule. The term for this commitment is 1 year, with the option to renew. 

Get Involved: Visit our Members-Only Collaboration Site to complete a form that lets us know you’re ready to contribute to the important work of the SOECP!

Current Workgroups:

  • Advocacy Workgroup: Focuses on providing education and resources to early career physicians to support their goals in being advocates for children and the physicians who care for them.
  • Communication Workgroup: Focuses on providing timely and effective Section updates to members, AAP leadership, and external entities via our website, social media, and e-communications.
  • Education Workgroup: Focuses on developing and promoting educational opportunities pertinent to members early in their career, including those that support physician wellness.
  • Membership Workgroup: Focuses on enhancing mentorship, networking, and recognition opportunities for early career physicians.
  • Leadership Opportunities Workgroup: Focuses on providing leadership opportunities and leadership training for early career physicians, including within the Section, other AAP groups, AAP chapters, and the AAP at large. Note:This work is done by members of the SOECP Executive Committee; as such, this workgroup is not open to other Section members at this time.

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