**This strategic plan uses the acronym "LGBT" to refer broadly to sexual minority groups
including, but not limited, to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning,
differences/disorders in sex development, and two spirit.


The mission of the Section on Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Health and Wellness is to support the health and wellness of

  • LGBT children and their families
  • LGBT parents and their children
  • Children with variations in gender presentation and their families
  • LGBT pediatricians and trainees.

To accomplish this mission the section will:

  • Encourage a diverse membership of pediatricians and other child health professionals to support the mission of the section and participate in its activities
  • Serve as a hub for resources, education and networking on LGBT health and wellness issues within the AAP
  • Serve as a professional home for LGBT pediatricians and trainees and those pursuing LGBT health equity within the AAP
  • Raise and represent the concerns of the section's constituent groups and populations of interest within the AAP.
  • Serve as AAP's expert consultants about LGBT issues


  • All pediatricians are comfortable, capable, and have access to resources to provide excellent care to children with variation in gender presentation, LGBT youth and children of LGBT parents.
  • All LGBT patients and parents feel their needs are met and are comfortable sharing all aspects of their life with their pediatrician.
  • Professional and mentoring needs of LGBT pediatricians and those pursuing LGBT health equity are met.
  • Health disparities are eliminated for:
    • LGBT children and their family
    • LGBT parents and their children
    • Children with variations in gender presentation and their family
  • Professional disparities are eliminated for LGBT pediatricians and trainees.


The SOLGBTHW believes:

  • All children and families deserve culturally competent care
  • There are many normal variations in gender presentation, gender identification, and sexual orientation
  • Each pediatrician should strive for inclusion and reject stigmatization of all children and
  • All trainees and pediatricians should receive respect and support to develop in their careers


All AAP member types are able to join the section for $25. Submit an application for section membership.

Affiliate members are also able to join the section. The Section on LGBT Health and Wellness welcomes affiliate members including: Licensed physicians who are not eligible for AAP membership (e.g., family physicians and internal medicine physicians), Medical students who are also members of the Section on Medical Students, Residents and Fellowship Trainees; Allied
health professionals, including nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social workers, and psychologists.

Affiliate applicants must submit: A current CV or resume, a letter of support from an AAP Fellow or Specialty Fellow in good standing, copy of proper certification or license as relevant to individual's field.

Submit an application for affiliate membership.

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