The Section on Minority Health, Equity and Inclusion (SOMHEI) was established in July 2017. The purpose of the Section is to advance health equity for racial and ethnic minoritized and marginalized youth by addressing structural racism and the social determinants of health that drive health inequities and to promote greater diversity and inclusion in the pediatric workforce. We equip pediatricians with the tools to understand and address these drivers of health and to achieve practice and policy changes advancing health equity and antiracism. We aim to promote and celebrate diversity in pediatric medicine and in the AAP and we are committed to leading the Academy’s efforts to promote health equity for racial and ethnic minority children by:

  • Advocating for equitable and antiracist child health policies,
  • Creating safe spaces and support networks,
  • Educating pediatric providers and,
  • Supporting scholarly work and evidence-based strategies to address racial equity in health

We support the AAP’s journey in being a more diverse, inclusive, equitable and antiracist organization today and in the future.

Membership is open to all AAP members in good standing. We will rely on a diverse group of members who are committed to a shared vision of a more just and equitable world for children and will provide a platform for nurturing and voicing perspectives from diverse backgrounds. Join today!

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