Celebrating 75 years of existence is no mean feat – that milestone represents sustainability, longevity, trust, and general soundness. For the Section on Surgery to have not just ‘existed’, but to have continuously evolved, thrived and grown is a testament to a strong foundation and the backing of our Pediatric colleagues. We are certainly grateful to the AAP for understanding the value that Pediatric Surgeons bring to the table – and seeing that it extends beyond the provision of surgical care for children. Rather they have always seen us as a group that adds considerable value as well as unique ways of looking at the issues that face providers of children’s health care. 

The AAP Section on Surgery offers an environment for our surgical colleagues to interact with Pediatric physicians of ALL specialties to work towards making things better. Where else can we find neonatologists and adolescent experts? Pediatric neurologists to nephrologists and specialists in every organ system in between? People who care so deeply about equality of care and are the strongest advocates for children in the nation from local to federal levels? While our primary goals remain having our annual scientific meeting and provide consultative support to the AAP Board of Directors, the opportunities for our members are essentially limitless – especially for those interested in advocacy, legislative work, and grassroots involvement – the AAP is where it’s at! With 53 sections, 24 Committees, 16 Councils, and 50 chapters it is potentially easy to find a niche for yourself. 

The SOSu is led by an Executive Committee of six pediatric surgical leaders who represent you - the valued member. Each of us is firmly committed to providing you with the highest value to your membership and we would love your input in how we can help you provide further information on quality and timely care for your patients, in addition to research and educational opportunities. I am certainly most honored to be your chair this year and will do my best to serve you and carry on the legacy of focusing on “Together, we Heal Children”.

Saleem Islam MD, MPH, FAAP
American Academy of Pediatrics – Section on Surgery, Chair

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