Welcome to the AAP Section on Transport Medicine (SOTM). One of the more diverse groups in the AAP, the leadership is comprised of pediatric emergency medicine physicians, pediatric intensivists, neonatologists and nurse practitioners. We have hospitalists, critical care nurses and respiratory therapists, along with emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics in our membership. Together, we all work toward one common goal: to ensure the safest and most secure transport for every pediatric and neonatal patient. We work along side prominent members of industry to develop new equipment, and alongside members of the Emergency Medical System (EMS) to augment and elevate the capabilities of existing infrastructure. We also work with local, state and federal legislatures and organizations to write new policies and procedures – setting the standard for all to follow.    

As a member of the SOTM, you will enjoy access to a wide range of invaluable resources. Our world class webinars are taught by nationally acclaimed experts in the field of transport medicine. Our newsletter, the Transport Dispatch, is complete with exciting new articles covering a wide range of hot topics. In the Transport Dispatch, you’ll also find announcements for upcoming medical education opportunities, and team highlights. Our LISTSERV has generated many key discussions as well as served as an invaluable venue for sharing resources, ideas, and solutions to the many day-to-day problems we all encounter.  

Every other year, we offer the Course on Neonatal and Pediatric Critical Care Transport Medicine, held over 2 days in conjunction with the AAP National Conference & Exhibition. Teams present the latest in clinical and bench research from all across the nation. We also conduct a half-day procedure lab emphasizing difficult airway, cardioversion, intraosseous access, chest tube placement, pericardiocentesis and more. 

As pediatricians, transport medicine is a major part of our practice. Whether it be a new resident, a seasoned hospitalist, a pediatric intensivist or a neonatologist, many of us outside the Emergency Department are involved in one form or fashion with transport. As such, the SOTM offers much to the field of Pediatrics. In addition, the transport teams operating across the nation are made up primarily of critical care nurses, respiratory therapists, EMTs and paramedics. It then comes as no surprise, these affiliate members make up a substantial portion of our Section membership. The concept of team is very important, and we value each and every member of our SOTM team.  Recently we formed a new Affiliate Sub-Committee of Transport Medicine Specialists, giving each member a voice in leadership. 

We firmly believe that we are only as strong as the people who make up our membership. As such, networking among transport teams is vital in serving all members. With various social media options, and by working in collaborations with other leaders in the field of transport, we hope to grow the SOTM into an international “homeroom” for Transport Medicine. 

For those that have already joined, we will be looking to you to help strengthen our mission in the near future. For those that are considering joining, we welcome you to become a part of our team. As long as our membership and our resolve to do the best for our children remain strong, we can achieve the mission of the SOTM and ensure the safe transport of all pediatric patients.


Robert G. Holcomb, MD, FAAP
Chair, Section on Transport Medicine

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