These web pages are a culmination of facilitated presentations, and related resources, for each of the newborn care topics identified as part of needs assessment visits. The resulting topics are organized within six main categories: Resuscitation, Essential Newborn Care, Small and Sick Baby, Follow-up Care and Prenatal Counseling, Quality Improvement, COVID-19 and Neonatal Care.

The goal of this project was to examine the impact of telementoring on newborn care practices among clinicians in Tanzania, Kenya, and Pakistan. Funding for this grant was awarded by UNICEF to establish a telementoring framework in these three countries. Needs assessments were conducted onsite, with cooperation from technical experts assigned to each country by the AAP, and local UNICEF staff in country. Both education and practice gaps were identified, and topics for facilitation were agreed upon. Technical support was provided to strengthen capacity for management of small and sick newborns by newborn care providers in these countries.

This project was supported by UNICEF and AAP.


Clinical care practices for when babies need to be resuscitated at birth, based on the Helping Babies Breathe curriculum.
Essential Newborn Care
Addresses the importance of thermal care, kangaroo mother care, breastfeeding, handwashing, infection control and danger signs in newborns.
Small and Sick Baby
Ways to improve quality of health for small or sick newborns by learning how to feed preterm infants, screening and management of hypoglycemia, immunizations, and signs of sepsis.
Follow-up Care and Prenatal Counseling
Learn what prenatal counseling entails, why it is needed, what indications exist, and appropriate steps providers should take. The topic of neonatal death review is introduced, including global trend, misclassification of death, and the process for completing a neonatal death review.
Quality Improvement
How to create an improvement team, how to decide what to improve, and barriers to address; and how to plan and test the change, determine if the change resulted in improvement, and how to make improvement the norm.
COVID-19 & Neonatal Care
Neonatal Care in the time of COVID-19: Lessons learned from one of the first hotspots in the U.S.