Pediatricians should be aware of, and refer patients to community organizations and agencies that provide similar support to vulnerable populations (ex, immigrant/refugee organizations, runaway shelters). It is helpful to conduct an initial "community mapping" process to identify these organizations, and review the resource list every few years to ensure the referrals are still available. Part of the mapping process involves obtaining basic information about victim service organizations, such as:

  1. What services are provided
  2. Duration services may be obtained (e.g. single visit vs 1-month of services, vs 6 months, etc.)
  3. Eligibility requirements for those receiving services (age, gender, immigration status, etc.)
  4. Cost of service and whether Medicaid is accepted
  5. Hours organization is open
  6. Referral requirements and procedures
  7. Quality of services and the reputation of the organization.

Contacting organizations and obtaining this information will enable you to build a relationship with key service providers and can facilitate appropriate referrals for your patients and families.

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