CYE Advisory Committee

The National Coordinating Center for Epilepsy engages a multi-disciplinary CYE Advisory Committee (CYE AC) to advise, inform and guide its activities. The CYE AC comprises national experts in the fields of pediatric neurology/epilepsy, primary care (pediatrics, family medicine and nursing), medical home, QI/systems change, evaluation, rural health, health disparities, cultural competence, family engagement/empowerment, health care transition and systems of services for children with special health care needs.

CYE Advisory Committee Members
  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • American Academy of Neurology
  • American Epilepsy Society
  • American Psychological Association
  • Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs
  • Child Neurology Foundation
  • Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE)
  • Danny Did Foundation
  • Epilepsy Foundation
  • Family Voices
  • Got Transition®
  • Mickie's Miracles
  • National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners
  • National Association of Social Workers
  • Parent 2 Parent USA
  • Pediatric Neurologists
  • Primary Care Providers
  • Transforming Health Care for CYE Grantees
  • Young Adults with Epilepsy

Young Adult Council

The Center understands the critical role that youth involvement plays in informing strategic direction and greatly values the youth perspective. Comprised of young adults living with epilepsy from across the country, the Center’s Young Adult Council (YAC) advises and guides the work of the Center. The YAC also serves as a peer-to-peer empowerment and support network. Since its launch in 2020, the YAC has assisted the Center in executing a national needs assessment as well as providing critical input into resource development and website redesign. Additionally, two YAC members serve as CYE Advisory Council liaisons to ensure bi-directional communication between the Young Adult Council and the Advisory Committee.


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