What is an Epilepsy Syndrome?

An epilepsy syndrome is defined by a combination of medical features usually occurring together, or by the location in the brain where the seizure begins. Epilepsy syndromes affect infants, children and youth. Types of seizures, the age seizures start, EEG patterns and other prognostic information allow physicians to make a diagnosis of a specific epilepsy syndrome. It is important to recognize the epilepsy syndrome to understand how to care for children and youth with epilepsy. With a diagnosis of an epilepsy syndrome, appropriate treatment and a plan of care can be better identified. Furthermore, understanding the kind of epilepsy syndrome a patient has may help the physician to predict whether the seizures will go into remission or may be outgrown by adulthood.

Types of Epilepsy Syndromes

The Epilepsy Foundation provides detailed information about the epilepsy syndromes listed below:

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