Guide and improve your vaccine conversations. These resources help you facilitate discussions about immunizations with families.

For Discussions About Vaccines for Children and Teens

Two portable digital tools make it easy to talk with patients and families about the vaccines that are recommended for babies and children through age 6 and for preteens and teens age 9 through 18 years.

Both guides pair easy-to-understand infographics for families with talking points for health care providers and can be viewed online—or downloaded in PDF format to save, share and print.

AAP Childhood Immunization Discussion Guides

AAP Adolescent Immunization Discussion Guides

Preview of Discussion Guide (to view full size, click to open in a new tab):

For Conversations About Maternal and Newborn Immunizations

Vaccinate with Confidence: A Guide to Protecting Your Baby

This maternal and infant immunization flipbook was developed by the AAP for health care professionals who immunize, including in the obstetric office setting. To request a PDF copy, contact

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