The American Academy of Pediatrics publishes the following policy documents:

  • Policy Statements are statements of advocacy, direction or a public health position of concern to the Academy, including recommendations.
  • Technical Reports are based on a literature review and data analyses but do not contain recommendations.
  • Clinical Reports provide guidance for the pediatrician in the clinical setting, addressing best practices and state of the art medicine but does not include formal recommendations.
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines are based on a comprehensive literature review and data analyses with formal rules of evidence in support of each recommendation made.

Clinical Policy Guidelines are evidence-based decision-making tools for managing common pediatric conditions. Authoring entities are required to review policy statements 3 years after approval by the BOD to reaffirm, retire or revise the policy. When circumstances require, policy may be reviewed sooner. Clinical reports may be reviewed and reaffirmed or revised as desired by the authoring body. Policy statements, technical reports and clinical reports are automatically retired 5 years after publication unless reaffirmed or revised.

Endorsed Policy Statements are those that have been developed by other organizations, but that have received the endorsement of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Obesity guidelines, policy statements and reports

The following publications are the most pertinent policy to obesity assessment, prevention and treatment. Additional statements specific to comorbidities, contributing factors or positive prevention activities are found below this first group of documents.

AMA/CDC Recommendations for Treatment of Child and Adolescent Overweight and Obesity (AAP Endorsed)

Other Relevant Academy Statements

Committee on Adolescence

Committee on Child Health Financing

Committee on Native American Health

Committee on Nutrition

Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness

Council on Children with Disabilities

Council on Communications & Media

Council on Community P​ediatrics​

Council on Environmental Health

Council on School Health

Section on Breastfeeding

Section on Obesity​

Adolescent Sleep Working Group​​​

Related Endorsed Statements

Other relevant clinical references

The following articles and reports are not endorsed by the AAP and are provided for informational purposes.

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