Curated list of programs with overviews, contact info, etc.

For a complete list of CDC-approved Family Healthy Weight Programs, click here. Most multidisciplinary treatment centers also offer treatment that aligns to IHBLT criteria. For a current list click here.

*All of the CORD 3.0 programs are working through a current funding cycle to address implementation strategies and their ability to spread broadly. Each program has varying capacity to address broad dissemination and implementation at this point in time, please contact the programs to learn more.

If your program meets the inclusion criteria and you are interested in having it reviewed for consideration to appear on this site, please complete the program survey or contact us.

Any program or program(s) listed are not endorsed by the AAP Institute for Healthy Childhood Weight. The listing above is shared for informational purposes only. If interested in the program or programs listed, please use the information provided to explore and learn more. Be sure to also review the Considerations for Primary Care and the Capacity Assessment Checklist when determining which programs might be best for you.

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