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Impact of Social Media on Youth

Question: What impacts has social media had on youth? Both positive and negative. What can we do to reduce negative impacts?

Answer: First, when we are talking about “social media,” remember that it is not one-size-fits-all! Social media platforms differ in their design; whether you’re looking to share pictures from your daily life, chat in groups, or participate in trending videos, each platform offers a unique experience. Read the rest of this answer here

Social Media & Youth Mental Health Q&A Portal


July 19, 2024

Managing Content on Social Media Feed

Question: What are some ways for youth to control what they see on social media? (algorithm, settings, etc.)

Answer: Sometimes the content in our social media feeds can feel overwhelming and confusing, especially when you see content that is upsetting, scary, gross, or unwanted. Since each platform has different settings and controls, it can feel daunting to try to manage it all. Read the rest of this answer here.

Social Media & Youth Mental Health Q&A Portal


July 19, 2024

Impact of Limiting Time Spent on Social Media

Question: What is the impact of limiting time spent on social media? There is, understandably, the idea that limiting social media is good in order to keep a child safe, however, is it possible that by restricting their use it could create a craving for more? Kind of like a "don't press the red button" kind of way? 

Answer: Much of today’s current media coverage about social media (in 2023 and now into early 2024) is that it’s not good for your mental health. While this media narrative is not entirely accurate, it has made some parents feel guilty or fearful, triggering an instinctive need to intervene. Read the rest of this answer here

Social Media & Youth Mental Health Q&A Portal


February 22, 2024

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Media is everywhere and managing it all can be tough. Use the AAP Family Media Plan to help you set media priorities that matter most to you. The tool can be used as an app too! 

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