Poverty is an important determinant of child health. The resources below are intended to help pediatricians with caring for children living in poverty, including practice tips, communications materials and advocacy resources. 


Poverty and Child Health Overview

Child poverty is at the intersection of multiple systemic forces, including racism, discrimination, climate change, health, and economic progressResearch shows that living in poverty can have lifelong health consequencesFamilies living in poverty may also experience food insecurity, homelessness and housing insecurity and can benefit from tax credits and income supports, paid family leave, early childhood supports and economic and community development. Through their relationships with families, pediatricians are uniquely positioned to help identify problems and link children to much-needed resources.


AAP Policy Statements on Poverty

The AAP has several policy statements related to poverty. Poverty is also closely related to equity and social justice which are in line with the AAP’s Health Equity Agenda and Blueprint.


Professional Tools & Resources

The resources below provide information and educational tools on how pediatricians and health care providers can help children living in poverty.

Resources for Families

These resources provide information on available benefits for families (including food/nutrition, health care and housing) and various community services for children and families.

Get Involved

These AAP councils and resources provide additional information on related child health issues.

Podcasts and Voices Blogs

Learn what others are saying. Listen to our podcasts and read our blog posts.

Childhood Homelessness: Back to School Edition

Read why it is imperative for pediatricians to understand how housing status impacts school experiences and educational prospects for patients struggling with homelessness or housing insecurity.

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September 19, 2016

Help Shelter Children from the Risk of Housing Insecurity

Read how housing status, particularly homelessness, has such a profound impact on the health of children.

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May 21, 2018

Nourish Families Beyond Poverty

Read why pediatricians should screen all children for food insecurity, remain familiar with local resources such as food pantries, and advocate for support initiatives that make a big difference in many children’s lives.

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March 14, 2018

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