Through the TEAMS program, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) provides training, resources and technical assistance to school districts and states interested in strengthening policies, practices and infrastructure related to school health services. Each participating district/state assembles a team to include the health services representative (e.g., lead nurse), health department partner, pediatrician partner and behavioral/mental health partner (focus area dependent). Throughout the duration of the cohort, teams are guided through a process to:

  • Engage community and partners and foster partnerships to support improvements in health services;
  • Assess their current health services policies, practices and infrastructure within the district/state;
  • Identify and prioritize key areas for improvement and develop a strategic action plan; and
  • Implement and evaluate changes.

TEAMS assists districts/states in improving their health services delivered or coordinated by the district/state. TEAMS participants in AAP facilitated cohorts receive a certificate of participation, which can be submitted to the appropriate credentialing organization for consideration of continuing education credits.

TEAMS Program Components

TEAMS provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen community partnerships and participate in a community of other districts/state teams from across the county that can support each other in improving health services. Participating districts/states gain access to extensive resources and expertise available through the AAP. The AAP provides customized training, technical assistance and resources for each district/state team based on their needs and interests.

AAP TEAMS Program offerings are summarized below:

Program Components


  • Online Training
  • Sessions include working with community and partners, assessing and prioritizing critical health services issues, program evaluation, key clinical school health topics and successful program models. The sessions will be customized based on the needs and interests of the cohort. All district/state teams participating in the cohort will participate in the sessions together to share lessons learned and brainstorm solutions to challenges. Each session will include team share out time and discussion.
  • Resources
  • Includes tools and templates, model policies, school health services guidelines and a library of resources.
  • Online Community
  • Includes a discussion listserv among the district/state teams that facilitates collaboration and problem-solving.
  • Kick-off Immersive Training
  • An in-depth training and learning collaborative on strategic action planning, policy, and systems change, leadership development, and successful program models.
  • Networking & Partnerships
  • Inter- and cross-disciplinary networking opportunities and facilitation of relationships with local and state partners.
  • Facilitation & Technical Assistance
  • May include capacity-building assistance on specific school health services topics, coaching, policy development assistance, implementation support or other needed help.


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