Pediatric Care Online: Spina Bifida
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How primary care physicians can improve health, well-being of patients with spina bifida

Care coordination for youth and young adults with spina bifida in healthcare transition

Effective care coordination is critical to a successful transition of care for youth and young adults with spina bifida. These illustrative guides serve to reinforce the value added to having a care coordination team to support youth and young adults with spina bifida as they transition from pediatric to adult focused healthcare, while highlighting the unique needs of patients with spina bifida. It also helps pediatricians and other healthcare professionals in supporting youth and young adults through the healthcare transition process. Healthcare professionals are encouraged to utilize these illustrative guides in clinical settings.

The graphics highlight findings from a learning collaborative that focused on improving transition coordination for patients with spina bifida, consistent with the 2018 AAP/AAFP/ACP Clinical Report on Health Care Transitions and Got Transitions Six Core Elements.


Care Coordination for Youth with Spina Bifida


Care Coordination for Young Adults with Spina Bifida

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