Display Regulations

Distribution of printed material by the industry or its agents is limited to the area rented by the industry sponsor in the AAP Exhibit Area. Signage for product or activity promotion is NOT permitted outside the space contracted. Only those products listed on the exhibit application may be exhibited. Additional products for display must have AAP approval prior to the exhibition.

Tabletop Displays will be located in the specific course meeting venue; table assignments will be made on-site on a first-come, first-served basis. A tabletop display is defined as not exceeding 60" in height, 72" in width, and 24" in depth and not obstructing exhibit space to the left and right of the table. All materials must be placed on the table provided, and may not extend beyond the front edge of that table.

Should a display require electrical, phone, or Internet access it is understood to be the responsibility of the exhibiting company to make the appropriate arrangements with the AAP Meeting Services Manager. All expenses connected with these services are also the sole responsibility of the exhibiting company.

Booth Activity

Demonstrations or live interviews must be confined to the limits of the space contracted. Special promotional activity must have prior AAP written permission and must be contained within the space contracted. Audiovisual and other sound effects must be regulated so that neighboring exhibits are not disturbed.

Food products may not be distributed unless they are products being promoted at the display or they are used to demonstrate the company's product(s). Any exception to this policy must be approved by the Academy prior to the exhibition.

AAP COVID protocols

The American Academy of Pediatrics is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all CME course participants. Please review event health and safety protocols as outlined in the following link: https://www.aap.org/en/pages/health-and-safety/.


The American Medical Association has adopted guidelines governing gifts to physicians from industry. These guidelines have been endorsed by the Academy and other medical organizations and by the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association.

The Academy may withhold or withdraw permission to distribute souvenirs, advertising, or other material it considers objectionable. Exhibitors may not distribute stick-on emblems, buttons, unofficial badges, or company nameplates. No balloons may be used as display decoration or inflated to distribute to visitors to a display.

Market Research

Market research companies will be assigned space ONLY if space is available and if the research is being done for a company exhibiting elsewhere in the exhibit area. Research companies MUST submit an application for space along with a letter of authorization from the sponsoring company. If space is NOT available in the exhibit area, it is strictly forbidden to solicit members for the purpose of market research in any part of any facilities utilized by the Academy.

No Smoking

The Academy has established a no-smoking policy for all AAP meetings. This policy applies to the exhibit area as well as all lounges and meeting rooms.


Overnight security will not be provided by the Academy.


If your company is interested in sponsoring a breakfast, coffee break, luncheon, or other event, please contact the AAP Department of Development, 630/626-6548.

Attendee list

The AAP is not able to provide attendee contact information. Exhibitors will need to ask attendees for their contact information at the meeting.

Eligibility to Exhibit

This AAP Exhibition is an extension of the continuing medical education program of the American Academy of Pediatrics. In order for your application to be accepted by the Exhibits Committee, your products and services must be related to the practice of pediatrics, and you must be in good financial standing with the Academy.

Contract for Space

The information contained in the Exhibit Space Contract and the Rules and Regulations occurrences rendering the exhibit space unfit for use, provisions will be made for the Exhibition to be held elsewhere. The Academy shall determine an equitable basis for the refund of such portion of the exhibit fees as is possible, after due consideration of expenditures and commitments already made. Subletting or sharing of exhibit space is permitted only with divisions of the same company.

Cancellation of Space

All cancellations must be made in writing to the American Academy of Pediatrics by the exhibitor. Cancellations of the exhibit contract may be made up to 30 days prior to a scheduled exhibition, without penalty. Should the exhibiting company cancel within 30 days of a scheduled exhibition, the Academy will not be able to offer a refund.

Materials Restrictions

The Academy reserves the right to restrict exhibits that for any reason become objectionable and also to prohibit or evict any exhibit that may detract from the general character of the exhibition. This reservation includes persons, materials, conduct, printed matter, or anything of a character that may be objectionable for the exhibition as a whole. In the event of such restriction or eviction, the Academy will not be liable for any refunds for rentals or other exhibit expenses.


The American Academy of Pediatrics acts for exhibitors and their representatives in the capacity of agent, not as principal. The Academy assumes no liability for any act of omission or commission in connection with this agency, including, but not limited to, any loss or damages suffered by an exhibitor as a result of any act or omission of any vendor, service provider, or other exhibitor. Exhibitors and their representatives hereby release the American Academy of Pediatrics from any and all liabilities for loss or damage ensuing from any cause whatsoever, except for claims for damages or injuries resulting from the Academy's failure to fulfill its obligations as set forth in this packet.

In addition, each Exhibitor assumes responsibility and agrees to indemnify and defend the Academy and the meeting venue, as well as their respective employees and agents against any claims or expenses arising out of the use of the exhibition premises.

The Exhibitor understands that neither the Academy nor the meeting venue maintains insurance covering the Exhibitor’s property and it is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain such insurance.

Fire & Safety Regulations

Federal, state, and city fire laws must be strictly observed. Aisles must be kept clear of boxes during exhibit setup and dismantling. Wiring must comply with fire department and underwriters' rules. All decorations must be fireproofed and a certificate of proof available for Fire Marshal inspection. Only those individuals directly responsible for the setup and dismantling of the display will be permitted in the exhibit area during move-in/move-out times.

Food & Beverage

The American Academy of Pediatrics only allows up to two exhibitors to eat the food provided each day for the duration of the course.



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