This National Center of Excellence on Social Media and Youth Mental Health will serve as a centralized, trusted source for evidence-based education and technical assistance to support the mental health of children and adolescents as they navigate social media.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Center of Excellence (CoE) on Social Media and Youth Mental Health is dedicated to creating a healthy digital ecosystem for children and adolescents.

Social media use starts during childhood and can play a significant role in the relationships and experiences that impact children and teens’ growth, development and mental health.

The Center’s work is guided by its co-Medical Directors, Megan Moreno, MD, MPH, MSEd, FAAP and Jenny Radesky, MD, FAAP, who are pediatricians and experts in the field of youth development and media. Internally, Center Director Nicole Owings-Fonner leads a strong team of program, communications and mental health professionals.

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The 5 Cs of Media Use

Pediatricians and providers often need quick, simple ways to discuss digital media with families. To help, we developed The 5 Cs of Media Use. The 5 Cs are designed to meet kids, teens and parents where they are, build insight and communication skills, and motivate for healthy behavior change.  

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Get Your Questions Answered: Our Q&A Portal on Social Media and Youth Mental Health

Whether you're a parent, teen, educator, clinician, policy maker, or otherwise working with youth, our expert staff and physicians are here to answer your questions. Click on a Q&A Portal audience page below to view our library of submitted questions, related educational resources and tools to help build healthy digital habits.

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Have a question you'd like to ask our expert team? Use the link below to submit your question!

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Youth Advisory Panel

Learn about the CoE Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) and read advice they have for policymakers and members of the tech industry.

About the YAP
Learn about our Youth Advisory Panel and how their efforts inform the work of the CoE.
YAP Advice for Policymakers
Read what the YAP has to say about creating programs, policies, and regulation.
YAP Advice for the Tech Industry
Read what the YAP has to say about social media platform design.

Tools and Resources

Use these resources to help your family develop healthy digital habits.

Family Tip Sheet - Building Healthy Digital Habits

When it comes to helping your children build healthy digital habits, you may not know where to start. Here are some research-based tips from pediatricians that can make a big difference for your family. Also available in Spanish.

AAP Family Media Plan

Media is everywhere, and managing it all can be tough. Use the AAP Family Media Plan to help you and your children set media priorities that matter most to your family. Create your family media plan here.


Multimedia Resources

AAP Webinars
The AAP Center of Excellence on Social Media and Youth Mental Health has hosted webinars on topics related to social media's impact on youth mental health. View the webinars here.
AAP Podcasts
Listen as Dr. Megan Moreno and Dr. Jenny Radesky, co-Medical Directors of the SAMHSA-funded AAP Center of Excellence on Social Media and Youth Mental Health talk about the work of the Center and issues related to social media and youth mental health.
Social Media Tips for Teens
Is social media good or bad for your mental health? It can be both! Create a healthy balance of time online by trying these 4 things.
Media Use Tips to Improve Sleep
This video, created by the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, provides tips for setting a nighttime routine to ensure a good night's sleep.
Social Media: Enjoy the Upsides and Avoid the Downsides
How you use social media can make a huge difference in whether it has a negative impact on your mental health. Pediatrician Megan Moreno has tips on ways to manage your social media use and reduce the chances it will lead to anxiety, depression, body image problems, eating disorders or other mental health issues.

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Funding for the Center of Excellence was made possible by Grant No. SM087180 from SAMHSA of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The contents are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the official views of, nor an endorsement by, SAMHSA/HHS or the US Government.

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