Innovative Health Care Delivery

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Innovative Health Care Delivery​

​A growing market segment is demanding unscheduled access to primary healthcare services without consideration of health system or pre-existing clinician relationship. This population segment has given rise to a new set of "on demand" primary healthcare delivery channels. Those on demand delivery channels have strong growth over the next several years creating an opportunity or threat for the traditional primary care providers and the health systems. 
Many factors are influencing the growth of on demand delivery channels. Chiefly the rising importance of convenience, access outside the 8:00 am to 4:30 pm typical work hours and consumers in directing their own health. Pediatricians that want to remain relevant and care for this growing population segment must understand demands and embrace innovations in primary healthcare delivery.

This void in serving on demand care is rapidly being filled by technology companies, health insurers, venture capital and other non-traditional healthcare providers. Given importance of the demographic and its growth rate, pediatricians must understand how they will participate in each of these on-demand delivery models.

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