Retail Based Clinics

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​Retail Based Clinics and Other Nonemergency, Acute Care Facilities​

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) affirms that the optimal location for children to receive care for acute, nonemergency health concerns is the medical home.  In many communities, there has been recent growth in acute care entities such as retail-based clinics, urgent care clinics and commercial telemedicine services. The Academy believes that treatment of children under established, new, and evolving practice arrangements in acute care entities should adhere to the core principles of continuity of care and communication, best practices within a defined scope of services, pediatric-trained staff, safe transitions of care, and continuous improvement.

The AAP recommendations on the relationship between the medical home and outside sources of nonemergency, acute care are found in its policy statement on “Nonemergency Acute Care: When It’s Not the Medical Home

Guidance for parents on acute, nonemergency care provided outside of the medical home can be found here​.

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