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Links to Carrier Online Policies

National Private Carriers and TRICARE

​Find policies related to clinical guidelines, medical policies, coverage, payment and fee schedules. Most of the links are available to the pubic. Those that require provider registration are indicated with an (*).

Carrier                Links
AetnaCoverage Policies and Clinical Policy Bulletins
Payment Rules and Fee Schedules are available through NaviNet®*
CignaReimbursement​ Policies and Procedures
Fee Schedule Available to registered providers of the CIGNA Care website. *
Health NetMedical Policies
Payment Rules and Fee Schedule *
Medical Coverage policies
Claims Processing Edits
UHC Medical and Drug Policies and Coverage Determination Guidelines
Reimbursement Policies
Fee Schedule*
Medical Policies and Clinical Guidelines
Payment Policies and Fee Schedules - select Provider, then the appropriate state for the WellPoint/Anthem plan *
TRICARE  Rates and Reimbursement
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