Value Based Payment


Value Based Payment

Learn more about evolving payment models, and tips on how to advocate for appropriate payment. Resources on value based payment methodologies, including accountable care organizations (ACOs) and alternative payment models (APMs) are included.

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UnitedHealth Premium® Program Webinar
This resource for AAP members provides an overview of the UH payment program including a robust Q/A session with UnitedHealthcare  panelists.

Pediatrics Supplement on Value Based Insurance Des​​​​ign and Implications The Catalyst Center team has worked with the AAP to produce Innovative Health Care Financing Strategies f​or Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs.

Webinar: Innovative Financing Strategies for Children and ​Youth with Special Health Care Needs ​

Webinar: The Rol​e of Title V Programs and Value-Based Purchasing for Children and Youth with Special Care Needs ​

AAP/Catalyst Center Expert Learning Community Background papers on Value Based Insurance Design and CYSHCN: