Protecting the Practice from Medical Liability

​Protecting the Practice from Medical Liability

Pediatricians are not free from malpractice risks. In fact, 1 in 10 pediatricians is sued for malpractice for care provided during residency and 1 in 5 is sued once over the course of their career. Although pediatricians are not accused of malpractice as frequently as other specialists, when they are sued the stakes are high. Despite this, a large proportion of pediatric residents know little about the basics of malpractice, the malpractice environment for US pediatricians, unique malpractice risks for pediatricians, and how to avoid malpractice claims and limit financial liability. Not knowing these essentials can lead to malpractice claims and gaps in medical liability insurance coverage.

These resources from the AAP Committee on Medical Liability and Risk Management will help you protect your career—now and in the future. 

​Learning from Malpractice Cases

Closed malpractice cases provide a wealth of information on why pediatricians have been sued and how to prevent future claims. This Pediatricians and the Law article published in AAP News explains the lessons learned from studying malpractice claims and provides practical tips on how to avoid medical liability. 

Learn more by delving deeper into the $46 million kernicterus case described in the article above. 

Pediatricians and the Law

National experts in pediatric medical liability provide risk management strategies each month in AAP News in the Pediatricians and the Law Column.Click here to access past risk managment articles and the implementation tips for pediatricians.


Because of these gaps in training on medicolegal issues the AAP has launched a series of webinars, "Pediatricians and the Law: Essentials for Residents and Early Career Pediatricians."  Each 1-hour webinar focuses on a specific medicolegal topic of importance to pediatricians in training and those launching their careers.  Live and recorded presentations are available free of charge.

"When Pediatricians Are Sued:  What You Should Know," presents the reality of pediatricians being sued for malpractice,  how to navigate the legal process, and surviving malpractice litigation stress syndrome.

Join us for the next webinar "Adverse Events, Disclosures, Apologies and Being Sued" on May 22, 2019. 

The following webinar will focus on "Employment Contracting: Does and Don'ts" (date to be announced).