Physician Health and Wellness

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Physician Health and Wellness

​Physician health is central to the success and longevity of physicians in practice and in training, and directly impacts the wellbeing of the patients in their care.

Because burnout and career dissatisfaction are common among practicing physicians and are known to be associated with adverse patient outcomes, including medical errors and patient dissatisfaction, it is vital that pediatricians take steps to manage stress and prevent career overload. This is especially important during the early career period. 

The AAP Section on Integrative Medicine (SOIM) has taken the lead on the Academy’s physician wellness programs. Here are some articles and resources from the SOIM: 

2014 AAP Clinical Report, Physician Health and Wellness 

Wellness in Physicians: A Concept That Needs to Start Early and Continue Throughout Our Career

Work–Life Balance, Burnout, and Satisfaction of Early Career Pediatricians​

Presentation on Physician Wellness for AAP ​​Leaders​​

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