​Medical Home

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Attention pediatric residency programs and educators! A series of five case-based, educational modules on key medical home principles for pediatric residency programs are now available from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Each module, both as a full set and individually, is designed to be incorporated into existing curriculum by residency program directors and faculty.

Collectively, the modules educate residents about characteristics and benefits of the patient‐ and family‐centered medical home, care coordination, care planning, transition to adult care and team-based care. They are the result of efforts of the Medical Home Resident Education Initiative Work Group whose goal is to provide direction, tools and resources to residency program directors, faculty and others in their efforts to educate trainees regarding the core tenets of medical home. ​

Feedback is welcome! Pediatric residents, residency program directors, faculty, staff and others who use the Medical Home Modules for Pediatric Residency Education to learn, and/or provide education on, core principles of patient- and family-centered medical home are encouraged to provide feedback. Click here to access a brief, online survey.

To receive updates about the medical home modules, and general updates about medical home and residency training, E-mail us to be added to our list.

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