Council on Community Pediatrics (COCP) Special Interest Groups (SIGs) develop education, policy, and membership initiatives for specific priorities in community pediatrics.

COCP members can get involved in the activities of the following Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Prevention & Public Health: connecting clinical pediatrics with public health

Rural Health: connecting rural pediatricians with the goals to:

  • Support pediatricians in challenging clinical practice
  • Increase collegiality and mentorship in rural settings
  • Develop rural child health policies
  • Collaborate with other national rural health groups
  • Develop a national support network for rural pediatricians; and
  • Improve children’s access to comprehensive health programs and services

Supporting FQHC Providers:

  • Develop collegiality and mentorship in the unique settings of FQHCs or other safety net child health settings
  • Host bi-monthly Community Health Conversations
  • Educate and recruit future workforce at all points along the health career pipeline
  • Create synergy and momentum for better understanding and improving health outcomes for children receiving care in these settings, including issues related to social and medical complexity and transitioning to adult care
  • Promote pediatricians in leadership through mentorship and other assistance.
  • Support pediatricians in challenging clinical practice
  • Strategize ways to minimize administrative burdens unique to these settings
  • Share with colleagues the joys of practicing in these rewarding situations!

Nature & Child Health

  • Raise awareness of the benefits of time in nature among physicians, families, partners, and policymakers
  • Expand access to natural settings for every child
  • Increase children’s participation and engagement in nature experiences
  • Strengthen public commitment to environmental justice and climate resilience
  • Work in partnership with local communities to preserve, enhance, and expand natural settings

Promoting Nature-State and Community Programs
During this webinar, Drs. Lauren Herbert, Nooshin Razani, and Stacey Stryer discussed their state and community programs promoting nature in Oregon, California, and about ParkRx.  
Climate Change & Climate Justice 
Learn from pediatricians actively involved in the Climate Change and Climate Justice work.  During this webinar, Drs. Lori Byron and Maya Ragavan shared information about climate change and child health, climate justice and their own journey working as advocates in this field. 

How To Join A SIG

Membership is available to all COCP members at no additional cost.

To become a Council member, contact us or visit the COCP membership page.

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