​​Founded in 1965, the Section and its members are responsible for many of the landmark contributions to the perioperative care of children. SOA members support the goals of the AAP – to maintain and improve the quality of health care for children. We are the voice of pediatric anesthesia for the pediatric community and the AAP. SOA conveys issues about the quality of health for children relevant to anesthesiology on behalf of the Academy and through the Academy to government agencies.

SOA educates pediatricians and other medical and surgical specialists in anesthesia-related issues as they apply to infants and children. We actively participate in the Academy's educational programs to familiarize its members with anesthesia-related issues as they apply to children up to 21 years of age.

We encourage members to participate in the advancement of the clinical practice of pediatric anesthesia including anesthesia for surgical, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures, as well as the relief of pain. We accomplish this by serving as a forum for the presentation of research projects, either recently completed or in progress, and seminars and conferences that serve that purpose.