• Please read our Call for Proposals to see if your idea for improving child health in your community qualifies.
  • If so, further information and instructions on how to access the online Preliminary Application can be found here.

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General Application Information

ICATCH Grant Cycle

We have an annual Call for Proposals, typically in early November. There is a Preliminary Application and selected proposals are invited to submit a Full Application. At this stage, an Application Advisor is assigned to each proposal, and that Advisor (a member of the ICATCH Team) is available to provide brief feedback on the full application prior to submission in February or March. Awards are announced in late spring, and funds for the first year become available in July.

What does ICATCH fund?

Funds can be used to implement or expand a program that provides clinical care to children or adolescents, provides health education for children, or provides training for health care providers. Please note: ICATCH does not fund research projects.

We now limit our Call for Proposals to just three or four designated areas of child health each year. These program areas may vary from year to year, and will be announced in the annual Call for Proposals. The Call for Proposals will be posted on this website once the grant cycle is open, usually in October.

Topic areas may include: neonatal health, school health, adolescent health, mental health, infectious diseases, acute care, nursing care, developmental pediatrics, public health (child focused), nutrition, telemedicine, specific disease areas, etc.

You can find a list of previously funded programs here.

What is the grant amount and duration?

Grants are $2000 per year for 3 years. The funds are distributed each July pending approval of a brief annual report after year 1 and 2. We also require a final report at the end of year 3. We do not allow all the funds to be taken at the start of the program.

Who can apply?

Grants are awarded to those working in child health care in low- and low-middle income countries (according to current World Bank designation). A Director and Co-Director must work together to carry out the program. The Director must live in or near the community where the program takes place; the Co-Director can live in any country as long as he/she is very involved in the design and implementation of the proposal over the 3-year period.

We welcome applications from pediatricians, other doctors, nurses, midwives, social workers, dentists, community health workers, physical therapists, health educators—anyone who is involved in child health care, or child health education in low income countries.

How are applications evaluated by reviewers?

Proposals are judged based on:

  • Fit with the ICATCH mission of helping local health workers or educators improve child health in their communities using collaboration with at least one other community agency or partner group.
  • The potential of the project to make a significant difference in the health and well-being of children in the local community.
  • How clearly the application questions are answered, particularly descriptions of project goals, activities, and evaluation measures.
  • The project’s potential for sustainability beyond the 3-year grant cycle, and the potential for scale up or replication in other communities to impact more children and families.

Congratulations to Our Newest ICATCH Grantees for 2021-2024 Cycle!

Thanks to special support from the Section on Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine (SoNPM) we are able to fund a 7th ICATCH grant this year!

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, child health providers around the world remained committed to advancing the health of children in their communities! We received:

  • 84 preliminary proposals
  • 40 final full proposals

The 7 funded proposals cover a wide range of child health areas:

  • 1 Childhood / Adolescent Mental Health
  • 3 Newborn Health
  • 3 Physical or Developmental Disabilities

Please join us in welcoming the following new grantees to the ICATCH and SOGH family!

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Contact our ICATCH staff at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for any additional questions.

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