Section Membership is open to the following Member types:

  • Candidate Members
  • Corresponding Fellows
  • Fellows
  • Fellowship Trainees
  • Honorary Fellows
  • International Members
  • Medical Students
  • National Affiliates
  • Residents
  • Senior Members
  • Specialty Fellows


Medical Students, Fellowship Trainees and Residents - $0*
All other accepted National member types - $25*
Section Affiliates - $60
*In addition to national dues

Special Requirement: Must be actively involved in some aspect of the study (or practice) of infectious diseases in fetuses, infants, children or adolescents and interested in contributing toward the objectives of the Section.

Section Affiliate Membership

Membership of the Section on Infectious Diseases will consist of the following Section Affiliate categories who are not otherwise eligible for National membership:

  1. Licensed physicians who spend more than 50% of their time in the care of children
  2. Licensed registered nurses, nurse clinicians, clinical nurse specialists, and nurse practitioners who are demonstrably active in pediatric infectious diseases
  3. Pharmacists working as Antimicrobial Stewards* with > 50% involvement with children and pediatric pharmacists
  4. Infection Preventionists with > 50% involvement with children
  5. Physician Assistants with > 50% involvement with children

Affiliate applicants must submit:

  • Copy of current license
  • Letter of recommendation from a current Section Fellow

*Antimicrobial Stewards serve as part of an Antimicrobial Stewardship team which includes a Clinical Pharmacist with infectious disease training who participates as a leader or core member. Qualifications include:  Pharm D degree, Pharmacy Practice Residency, Infectious Disease Specialty Residency (preferred). In addition, the SOID applicant who serves as an Antimicrobial Steward will maintain competency in infectious diseases and microbiology.


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