Welcome to the AAP Section on Osteopathic Pediatricians (SOOPe)

Welcome to your community of Osteopathic pediatric colleagues. We are one of the largest AAP sections, and we are working for you. Our community is diverse in many ways; geography, professional interests, workplace setting, and stage in personal/professional development. You have opportunities to benefit and serve from your large and diverse community.


We offer an increasing number of CME/MOC events. Because of our wide range of interests, there are many opportunities for you to be involved as a learner and to help develop new educational offerings in your areas of expertise. As a learner, or if you are looking for support to increase your experience and skills as a teacher, we are here to help you.


We have advocated for positive change in conjunction with others in the AAP. With our section's relationships with a wide range of AAP components and other organizations, we can help support you in your advocacy efforts. Whether you want to understand the resources in a domain better, find others to collaborate with, or need an introduction.
Scholarly work

Members of the section are working to foster collaborative research and research education. This can be useful to increase the opportunities for those not part of organizations with robust research support. For those who are part of a larger academic organization, your community can expand your network.

Professional Development

Most of us have benefited from mentors and sponsors. This may have started in your training, progressed to your early career, and continued into your more senior professional life phases. Many of us have taken on these roles as mentors/sponsors. We are working to formalize specific mentoring education and programs to support our members so that more members will have access the benefits of mentors/sponsors and the opportunity to serve in those roles for others.


Many have not taken advantage of how the AAP can help you personally and professionally as your roles in life change. Many of us started our AAP engagement when a mentor suggested we get involved. But in new stages/roles, you may no longer know how to be best engaged to support your professional life and in other areas that bring you joy. Regardless of what we currently do, we look for new and innovative ideas to grow and improve. Your community has so much to offer you and for you to offer it.

Osteopathic pediatrician may be the first way you describe yourself. Or maybe it is just another description of your background. This section is your community of Osteopathic pediatric colleagues to help you, support you, and offer ways for you to give and grow; we are here to help you.

We invite you to contact us to discuss what you are looking for and how we can help you. Let's talk

Be Safe – Be Well

Gregg Lund, DO, MS, FAAP, FASAM

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