The mission of the Section on Pediatric Trainees (SOPT) is to empower and enable pediatric trainees to be strong leaders and advocates for the health and well‐being of all children. 


Our vision is that the Section on Pediatric Trainees (SOPT), as integrated members throughout the Academy, be regarded as leaders in child advocacy and child health. We aim to be the central source of information, education, and networking for pediatric trainees. 

Core Values

We believe: 

  • Children come first

  • Each child deserves the right to realize their full emotional, developmental, and physical potential 

  • Every child has the right to access affordable, high quality, evidence‐based healthcare 

  • Pediatric Trainees will be strong advocates for the needs of children

  • Pediatric trainees will make a difference for children and the profession 

  • All pediatric trainees should be empowered, enabled, educated, and energized to be leaders


SOPT was founded in 1989 and is the largest of approximately 50 Sections in the AAP. The Section was formed to provide a voice for physicians in training and to offer a forum for the discussion of common interests and problems. The Section currently has over 16,000 members, made up of medical students, residents and fellowship trainees.

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