MidCaN aims to create, inspire, and empower a community of mid-career leaders by supporting career and leadership development and increasing active participation in SoNPM among mid-career neonatologists (7-17 years out of fellowship). Involvement in MidCaN provides excellent opportunities for professional growth and maturity at your local level, within the neonatal-perinatal section, and on the national stage of the AAP. ‚Äč

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MidCaN Grand Webinar Series

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December 22, 2022 at 3pm ET

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The MidCaN Neonatal Provider Workforce Webinar Series are one-hour long webinars on a variety of topics relevant to the neonatal provider workforce that will run from April through October 2022 that are free and available to all who complete the session registration.

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MidCaN Focus Areas

Whether it is support for colleagues in crisis, effecting thoughtful legislation, cosponsoring action, enabling access to care, or speaking effectively for those in need, JUST TAKE ACTION
As good leadership is hard to accomplish without practice, failure, guidance, and vision, we provide a resource to discover these.
Quality Improvement
Ever seeking the to improve the care for our patients, and to share these insights with our colleagues
Creating support for different research areas (clinical, basic science, QI, education, health services etc.), highlighting resources and successful researchers, and providing peer mentoring and opportunities to collaborate between institutions.
With many competing demands, taking care of ourselves is important because if we are not at our best, we cannot perform our best, and this puts our fragile and wonderful patients at risk.
The Describing Our Careers Interactive Summary Initiative (The DOC IS In) is an effort to better understand pediatrician careers and empower advocacy and policy.