Safely and efficiently administer on-time immunizations to children with these AAP resources.

  • Office Strategies for Imp​​roving Immunization Rates
    Learn strategies you can implement in your office to improve the vaccination rates of your patients. Topics include standing orders, provider prompts, provider feedback and education, and more.
  • Reminder and Recall Systems
    Learn how reminder and recall systems in your practice can effectively help your office reach families to deliver on-time or catch-up vaccinations.
  • Ordering Vaccines
    Review strategies to get the best price for the vaccines you purchase privately and access contact information for ordering through the Vaccines for Children Program.
  • Knowing Costs
    Familiarize yourself with the costs and expenses associated with vaccines to help you negotiate and receive the most appropriate payment for immunizing your patients.
  • Managing Costs
    While there are many costs associated with purchasing and administering vaccines, there are ways for pediatric offices to manage them in order to cover overhead.
  • Vaccine, Coding, and Payment
    Learn more about immunization coding and payment issues and strategies
  • Immunization Administration
    Learn effective vaccine administration do’s and don’ts including the 7 Rights of Vaccine Administration.
  • Refusal to Vaccinate
    Despite appropriate counseling, some parents will refuse vaccination for their child. Learn more about the AAP policy on vaccine refusals, how to document the refusal, and how to code for time spent discussing vaccines with the parent.
  • Vaccine Information Statements
    Learn more about the requirements to provide a Vaccine Information Statement and proper documentation.
  • AAP Red Book Vaccine Administration
    View the Red Book chapter on vaccine administration (login or subscription required).
  • Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System
    Learn more about VAERS and how using the system helps experts monitor vaccine safety.
  • Storage and Handling
    Properly storing and handling vaccines is essential for protecting patients from vaccine-preventable diseases. Learn more about storing and handling vaccines according to CDC, Vaccines for Children Program, and manufacturer guidance.
  • AAP Red Book Storage and Handling
    View the Red Book chapter on vaccine handling and storage (login or subscription required).
  • Immunization Information Systems
    Immunization Information Systems (IISs) or registries, offer your practice the opportunity for confidential, secure, centralized, and immediate access to immunization records if you choose to participate as an authorized provider.
  • 2D Barcoding
    Learn about how using 2D barcoding technology can benefit both you and your patients.
  • Education in Quality Improvement for Pediatric Practices: Immunizations – Strategies for Success
    The recently revised EQIPP immunization course is designed to identify immunization rates in your practice, uncover barriers to efficient immunization delivery systems, and provide techniques to overcome those barriers using clear aims that reflect expert principles and proven quality improvement methods and tools.
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