Recognize and provide initial management for children and youth with mild to moderate anxiety in the primary care setting.

Self-Directed Learning

Background Handout
Preceptor may ask residents to review this handout with data and background information on anxiety, prior to conference.

Preceptor-Directed Learning

Facilitator’s Guide
Preceptor may use this guide to obtain additional information on each slide, and guidance on conducting reflective exercises and group discussion.

Role Play
Preceptor may use role play as an alternative to reading Case #2 and to practice applying behavioral techniques.

PowerPoint Presentation 
Preceptors may use these slides to give a brief overview on anxiety and how to develop an anxiety management plan. Included are 2 case scenarios with video clips on separation anxiety and school avoidance.

Supplemental Material (Optional)

The preceptor can reference this material in preparation for the presentation, can assign reading material, and/or can develop activities around the tools.

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