Our mission is to strengthen collaboration between primary care pediatricians, developmental and behavioral subspecialists, and families to ensure children receive comprehensive high quality developmental and behavioral (DB) pediatric care. To achieve this we work to optimize the relationship between primary care and subspecialists, provide education and disseminate strategies to support quality clinical practice, and advocate on behalf of children and providers to improve the quality and accessibility of DB services for children.


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Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Workforce Action Plan
View the Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Workforce Action Plan
Funding and Awards
The SODBP currently offers two awards, a chapter grant program, and a scholarship program. Each of these opportunities is described below. The SODBP Executive Committee continues to consider additional ways to support and honor work that promotes child development.
The SODBP Executive Committee knows how important it is for there to be good communication to, with, and among section members. Below are the primary ways that the SODBP currently works to support communication.
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The SODBP is actively engaged in developing and disseminating educational opportunities to members, with content focused both on the needs of the primary care physician and the pediatric subspecialist.

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