The AAP and Julius B. Richmond Center is dedicated to supporting groundbreaking projects aimed at addressing youth tobacco cessation and reducing secondhand smoke exposure. Through initiatives like our Visiting Lectureship and Implementation Grants, INSPIRE, and the Social Climate Survey, we are dedicated to driving progress in safeguarding the health of our youth. Join us as we work to create smoke-free environments and promote the well-being of generations to come. The awarded programs are designed to promote secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure control and to integrate SHS prevention activities in pediatric education in state AAP Chapters and educational institutions in the United States and internationally or directly address youth tobacco cessation in various settings.  

The call for applications for the 2023-2024 Visiting Lectureship and Implementation Grant programs is now closed. Future application cycle information will be posted as it becomes available.

Past Funded Projects

Implementation Grants

2023 Awardees

Grantee: Sara Siddiqui, MD, FAAP; Sajan Shah
New York AAP Chapter II

The goal of this program was to ensure elementary school students receive an adequate education regarding the hazards associated with tobacco use, by developing a curriculum tailored for 5th grade students.

Grantee: Whitney Harmon
Faculty: TBD
Wyoming AAP Chapter

The goal of this program was to provide tobacco prevention and cessation education at the Wyoming Medical Society annual meeting and Specialty Society Summit, ensuring that Wyoming providers have information, resources and promotional material to support their patients. 

Grantee: Prof Revenco Ninel, MD, PhD
Moldavian Pediatric Society

The goal of this program was to introduce tobacco control interventions, based on national guidelines, to family doctors to enable them to deliver smoking cessation interventions in clinical practice and community outreach. 

School Based Projects

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) with funding from the American Heart Association awarded 8 implementation grants to support local advocacy, educational and implementation initiatives related to youth tobacco cessation within school-based settings. This included school nurse offices, classrooms and district efforts.

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Visiting Lectureships

2023 Awardee

Grantee: Prof Revenco Ninel, MD, PhD
Faculty: Jon Klein, MD, MPH, FAAP 
Moldavian Pediatric Society

The goal of this program was to convene a two-day conference with national and international participants, with both in person and online participation, focusing on interventions for smoking prevention among children and adolescents. 

2022 Awardee

Grantee: Page Pomo, MD, FAAP
Visiting Lecturer: Judith Groner, MD, FAAP / Mark Gottlieb, JD
New Mexico AAP Chapter

The goal of this program was to provide education to local medical providers and community stakeholders, form partnerships with organizations, and collaborate on local advocacy efforts surrounding tobacco control and prevention, as it relates to secondhand smoke and secondhand aerosol exposure in New Mexico’s pediatric population.


 INSPIRE is a behavioral intervention program to help parents of hospitalized children reduce tobacco smoke exposure using Motivational Interviewing techniques.

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Social Climate

 The Social Climate Survey of Tobacco Control was developed through the AAP Richmond Center's Data and Datasets project as a methodology to objectively measure the fundamental position of tobacco control in society and thereby provide a data collection system to monitor program impacts.

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