These educational webinar recordings provide information to help clinicians promote youth tobacco/nicotine cessation, second and thirdhand smoke exposure in their practice and community. AAP webinars are funded through the Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute (FAMRI).

Building Strong Partnerships: Utilizing Collaboration Between Schools and Clinicians to Address Tobacco Use and Secondhand Exposure

The AAP hosted a webinar focused on building partnerships between schools, clinicians and other key community stakeholders, and the unique role schools have in addressing tobacco use and secondhand smoke/vape exposure. 

Basics and Beyond: How Pediatricians Can Help Youth Quit Using Nicotine

The AAP hosted a webinar focused on how pediatricians can help youth quit using tobacco and nicotine products, addressing the basics of tobacco cessation and answer frequently asked questions. This presentation also includes a Q&A portion to support clinicians on their tobacco cessation journey.

Clouded Horizons: Exploring Second and Thirdhand Smoke/Aerosol Effects of Cigarettes, E-cigarettes, and Cannabis

This AAP webinar centered on the impact of tobacco and cannabis smoke and aerosol exposure on both humans and the environment, along with its implications for social justice. Additionally, resources for educating patients, families, and communities were discussed. The presentation also delved into the historical campaign led by flight attendants to ban smoking on airplanes, highlighting its significance in reducing the dangers of secondhand smoke and its subsequent influence on tobacco control efforts. Furthermore, the ongoing efforts of the Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute (FAMRI) in combatting diseases stemming from tobacco smoke exposure were emphasized.
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