This page contains a list of behavioral supports that can help youth quit smoking, vaping and/or using other tobacco products.  

Pediatricians and other health care providers can link their patients directly to these resources using the phone numbers or “How to Connect” information below. For full details on each program, please click the appropriate link below. For more resources on helping youth quit tobacco, nicotine products, and reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, please visit our main page.


  • Inclusion of a program on this list below does not necessarily imply AAP endorsement of the program 
  • This information will be periodically updated as new programs become available 
  • References to “tobacco” throughout this resource are intended to include all commercial tobacco and nicotine products, including (but not limited to) combustible tobacco, e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and heated tobacco products. When we reference tobacco, we are referring to commercial tobacco, and not to the sacred and traditional use of tobacco by some Native American communities.   

Telephone Quitlines for Youth and Young Adults

Text-Based Tobacco Cessation Resources for Youth and Young Adults

Web-Based Resources for Youth and Young Adults

Smartphone App Resources for Youth and Young Adults

Resources for Parents to Help their Youth/Young Adults Quit

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