‚ÄčThe National AAP encourages chapter development of pediatric councils as forums to discuss pediatric issues with payers. Pediatric councils have the potential to facilitate better working relationships between pediatricians and local health insurance plans and to improve quality of care for children. Ideally, changes may lead to more appropriate coverage for pediatric services, as well as smooth and efficient health plan claims adjudication.

NOTE: A pediatric council is not a forum for joint contract negotiation, individual contract discussion or other fee-related concerns. 

Many chapters currently have a pediatric council. For those chapters that do not we encourage chapter members who have an interest and knowledge of the payer world to join or start up a pediatric council. Reach out to your chapter or contact AAP staff for more information.

For payer-related questions/hassles (Formerly know as the Hassle Factor Form) contact the Coding Hotline.

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