Aims to increase clinician knowledge, comfort and competence regarding emergency readiness and response through the lens of COVID-19, with the aim of building capacity for primary care providers to care for children and their families affected by COVID-19.

Join the AAP COVID-19 ECHO: Emergency Readiness & Response." These are held twice a month at multiple times. Email aapecho@aap.org to join.

For more information and resources please visit the AAP COVID-19 Critical updates page.


  • Session 1: The current landscape of COVID-19. Click here to watch the didactic.

  • Session 2: Telehealth Strategies in the Age of COVID-19: Providing Preventative care Via Telehealth. Click here to watch the didactic.

  • Session 3: Identifying and Preventing Child Abuse During the COVID-19 Era. Click here to watch the didactic.

  • Session 4: COVID-19 Testing and Updates. Click here to watch the didactic. 

  • Session 5: Anxiety and the COVID-19 Pandemic. Click here to watch the didactic.
    Related Resources:

    • AAP Mental Health Initiatives: https://www.aap.org/en-us/advocacy-and-policy/aap-health-initiatives/Mental-Health/Pages/implementing_mental_health_priorities_in_practice.aspx

    • The Pediatric Mental Health Minute Series provides real-time education to support pediatricians caring for children and youth with mental health disorders.  In the first video, John T. Walkup, M.D., a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist, explores the scope of anxiety in pediatrics. Dr. Walkup discusses what triggers pathological anxiety, explains family history as a predictor, ages, physical complaints, types of anxiety disorders, coping, treatment and therapy. The 18-minute video also provides teaching points and links to more information for pediatricians and families.  

  • Session 6: What's New? The Evolving Landscape of COVID-19 in Children. Click here to watch the didactic.

    • Related Resource: AAP Guidance for Families and Pediatricians on Camp Attendance During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please click here.

Case Presentations 

Participants are invited to present de-identified case presentations during each ECHO session. Participants may complete a case form (link to form) or email aapecho@aap.org with case details.  Project staff will follow up to schedule the case presentation and provide additional details.

This project is supported by cooperative agreement #5NU38OT000282-02-00, funded by CDC. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of CDC or the US Department of Health and Human Services.