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The AAP HPV ECHO serves as a forum for health care professionals to learn and improve their quality improvement skills (QI) and gain self-efficacy around HPV vaccination utilizing the ECHO model. The ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) model TM is a tele-mentoring hub and spoke platform that leverages technology to connect a multidisciplinary team of experts (hub)with primary care in local communities (spokes). The AAP HPV ECHO builds a bi-directional virtual knowledge network whereby participants learn from experts and each other, gaining access to evidence-based and capacity-building resources. Each monthly session includes a brief presentation by an HPV expert, followed by participants presenting their QI work for discussion and problem-solving.  Through regular attendance, participants grow their QI skills and self-efficacy around HPV vaccination. ​

Participating providers in the current project are eligible to receive the following benefits: 

  • Receive 25 MOC Part IV credits*

  • Acquire evidence-based health care transformation tools and resources 

  • Increase your knowledge of the HPV vaccine series, timing and scheduling 

  • Understand and interpret practice level QI data

  • Access guidance and recommendations related to QI processes and HPV vaccination

* Pending AAP approval


In partnership with HPV and QI hub expert faculty members, a standardized curriculum has been developed with the flexibility to evolve as new information becomes available as well as additional feedback is received from session participants.​

Participate in the Project

Currently, the AAP HPV ECHO is implementing the program to a closed network of grant-funded AAP chapters. ​

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