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Practice Strategies to Implement Youth and Family-Centered Care

​​P​ediatric practices across the country have implemented different strategies to increase the quality of youth- and family-centered care that is being provided. Below are several specific strategies with related resources:
  • Implement Team Huddles to conduct advanced planning for patient visits, and outline any special needs that patients and families may have.

Resource: Team Huddle "How to" Video (National Center for Medical Home Implementation): (8:28)

 Family Advisory Group "How to" Video (National Center for Medical Home Implementation): (8:57)

  • Formally engage family advisors in your practice's quality improvement team, to assist with care coordination, or to provide peer support to other families.

Resource: Patients and Families as Advisors in Primary Care: Broadening Our Vision, Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care. Fact Sheet

The AAP National Center for Medical Home Implementation developed a monograph entitled, "Positioning the Patient and Family at the Center". This document profiles 17 practices across the US that are implementing "best practices" around family centered care.