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Team Members and Sample Job Descriptions​​​​​

​The role of nurses in a pediatric practice setting can vary depending on the size and need of the practice, however, they generally focus on prov​​iding medical support.

Position​ Summary:

Responsible for administrative and operations management, direction, and coordination of all clinic activities except those directly involving physician professional medical judgment.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assign duties to nursing staff, providing appropriate feedback and assessment of care delivered to ensure that patients' safety is maintained
  • Ensure therapeutic environment is maintained and infection control procedures are followed
  • Appraise performance level of staff members
  • Carryout complete or periodic health evaluations of clinic specific diagnoses, including medical, cognitive, and psychosocial status, as well as personal assets and shortcomings to learning
  • Perform repeated assessment of patients' reaction to teaching, discharge plan, and care provided
  • Record and present patients' progress in relevant EHR charts, and pass on observations and assessment report to all healthcare team members involved, and also patients' family for them to have a properly understanding of patients' health condition, progress and medical needs
  • Create effective systems and procedures to enhance the pediatric clinic's operations
  • Regularly participate in various relevant educational programs to ensure both technical and professional competence are maintained
  • Study appropriate professional publications and participate in the activities of professional societies to be current with industry practices, methodologies, and philosophies
  • Collaborate with the patient's care team and members of their family to design and carry out a plan for their care, so that proper coordination of care and communication of the patient's health progress will be maintained
  • Take part in patient care round and conferences​

Education Re​quirements

  • Associate's or bachelor's degree in registered nursing; RN licensure; clinical work specializing in pediatric care; voluntary certification by the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board
  • Take and pass a pharmacy course in some States to be eligible for pharmacy privileges

Additional Require​ments

  • Working experience of two or more years as a nurse
  • Experience working in a pediatric clinic
  • Possess current American Heart Association BLS certification
  • Current State Nurse Practitioner certification
  • Possess one-year technical training or more skills training for certification and licensure
  • Ability to handle crises situations and relate with patients and their families effectively
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